Dollar General Employee Hits Shoplifter with Her Car

After a man robbed a Dollar General store in California, a female employee from the store tracked the man down with her car and hit him off of his bike. I don’t know what this employee is paid, but it’s not enough. Watch the video here because it’s hilarious. 

I have worked several jobs being paid at or barely above minimum wage. At none of them would I ever take a step in the direction of a shoplifter. If you don’t own the store, it’s not your problem. And if you are paid the Dollar General hourly rate, it’s definitely above your pay grade. This woman watched a few too many Batman movies because she went full vigilante mode in this video. The image of being chased by this lady chasing in her white SUV should be enough to strike the fear of God into a man. If I were this shoplifter, I would’ve immediately turned myself into the police when I saw this woman coming. 

This video might be the best thing that Ring doorbells have ever accomplished. I think I’m ready to forgive them as a company for making my friends cut through my back yard in high school whenever my parents were away. This video is an all-time classic. From the moment it starts, these two are screaming at each other. As the chase travels from the first Ring camera to the next, you can see the woman turn into a stranger’s driveway and use her car to launch him off the bike as if she was Ray Lewis. Imagine being at work and watching this unfold at your house. If Ring recreated this scene for their next ad, they could simply take my money and I wouldn’t even think twice. 

The best part of this video in my opinion is watching the two sides pick up all of the stolen goods while cursing each other out. It’s pure entertainment. If we could bottle up interactions like these, I’d pay to watch them in a zoo like environment. There’s nothing like a crazy bitch fight, especially when you have one side to root for. That’s why the woman in this video is my hero. She did all of that, for what appeared to be eighteen dollars worth of stolen goods. 

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Written by TFM

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