Don’t Stay at Motel 6’s in Long Beach

Two red door corresponding to two rooms at a roadside motel

I don’t know if you guys know too much about Long Beach, but it’s a sketch area. Being right outside of LA, for some reason it’s very attractive for degenerates and ghetto people. And obviously, everyone knows about Motel 6’s reputation and the griminess that’s associated with them. Before I go any further this is actually taking place after my buddy got lost in San Diego and I have written a story about that, so if you haven’t already go check that out to get the full gnarliness of this story and the bender that ensued 2 years ago over spring break. After the boys and I dipped San Diego we had a plan to stay at another one of our boys, Dom, in Long Beach on our drive back up to the Bay Area. We had a few hours before Dom was going to have us over so we had plenty of time to kill. So I hit up our fraternity’s chapter in Long Beach to see what they were up to and we ended up linking with them. After dye games, beer deletion, and conversations were had, we get a very bad call. It was Dom. He called us to let us know that he wasn’t able to have us over anymore. After we were pissed off and yelling at one another, we calmed down and realized we needed to figure out a spot to sleep. We also didn’t have a lot of money to work with because San Diego absolutely deleted our bank accounts. So we decided to go with the cheapest option. Motel 6…..

This Motel 6 is exactly how you would expect. Of course, the front desk looks presentable to get you thinking that you’re in a safe place. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While in line before I was going to pay for the room, I got offered a blowjob for $10 from a hooker. And not an attractive one. This chick looked like she partied too hard in college, got kicked out, and then got addicted to meth. I told her that I might be down later and gave her a fake phone number to get her to fuck off. After that, it was still around 7 PM and we decided to go to this 18+ club right around the corner from Motel 6. Also, another tip, don’t go to 18+ clubs, it is a really weird time and some high schoolers get fake IDs to get into the clubs. Bad looks! Anyways, we go and it’s a burnt ass time and nobody got any types of play because all the girls looked like they were 16 so after we got a few drinks we dipped out. We walked back and started recapping how stupid we were for assuming that was going to be fun. We get back and me and 2 other guys were chilling out in front of the room having a claw when all the sudden this car pulls up under us. There was a guy driving and 2 girls. One in the passenger seat and the other in the back. The passenger door and the back seat door swing open and these chicks just start throwing haymakers at each other, half of which are connecting. Then one chick pushes the other and the guy throws the car in reverse knocking over the girl who got pushed. The chick hops in the whip and starts cussing out the girl who just got hit and then car takes off. We were in absolute awe after. We run down to check up on this girl and after just being drunk and pissed off sh decided to accept our offer and come clean herself up in our room and call her Dad. When we got up to our room she noticed that she had left her phone in the car. So after drunkenly rambling about how she’s 18 and has already had a kid and how those were her best friends who dipped on her, she finally called her Dad and got picked up. This was one of the most bizarre nights of my existence, but one of the most memorable from my college experience.

Written by Danny Serrano

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