Don’t Want To Fall In An Open Manhole While Texting? Now You Can Have A 3rd Eye

An industrial design student created a “third eye” for the phone-obsessed. It’s an invention straight out of Black Mirror. If your eyes are always glued to your phone, Minwook Paeng was probably thinking of you when he created the Third Eye. The robotic prosthetic eye sits on top of the user’s head to detect obstacles while they’re scrolling through TikTok and DMs.  When the wearer’s head is tilted down, Third Eye automatically opens its lid. If an obstruction is detected, it gives off a warning buzz. This allows the virtual-obsessed to stay online even when hazards offline could interrupt them. 


I understand getting distracted with your phone but imagine having a machine just resting on top of your head? This would scare the living shit out of people. Imagine walking down the street, and your head is down looking at your phone. You glance up for a second, and there is a god damn third eye staring at you. I wonder how many injuries actually happen because people are staring at your phone. This seems like older people are like, “god damn young kids can’t stop staring at their phones. I know what will help them lets create a 3rd eye.” Then they’ll go and charge thousands upon thousands of dollars for it.

Paeng also pointed out how smartphones are affecting our actual bodies. “By using smartphones in a bad posture, our neck vertebrae are leaning forward giving us ‘turtle neck syndrome’ and the pinkies we rest our phones on are bending along the way,” he told Dezeen. “When a few generations go by, these small changes from smartphone usage will accumulate and create a completely different, new form of mankind.” The designer is not wrong “turtle neck” also known as “text” or “tech” neck has been well documented. It’s when you hunch over to use your phone and over time erode your posture, it can even create a back humpSmartphone finger, which affects the pinky and thumb is when tendons in the finger muscles become worn down due to repeated movements, like swiping or holding a phone.


How brittle do these people think that the human body is? Turtle neck, what are humans becoming pieces of shit that are poking out of your ass? Every girl I see has a pop socket on the back of their phone. How bad can people’s pinkies get? I mean, of course, people’s thumbs are getting sore; you need to be a turbo swiper while on Tinder. Everybody gets a swipe right.

The article doesn’t say if we can wear this while driving, but I want to know if this will help not rear-ending the person in front of you? I mean, I’m a professional at texting and driving, but the other idiots on the road can use this.

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