Drafting Strategies for Fantasy Football (Please Don’t Go 0 RB)

Drafting in the NFL is a huge part of building a championship team. In fantasy football, drafting is twice as important. Here are some drafting tips I’ve picked up over the years that you might want to use.

Don’t go 0 RB:

For the love of god, don’t do this if you’re in a 10 or 12-man league. It’s not that there aren’t great wide receivers in the first two rounds, it’s that in fantasy football, year after year, the drop-off in running back value after the second round is insane. If you go 0 RB in this year’s draft, you would be lucky to get injury-prone players like Saqon or Nick Chubb as your RB1. This is also assuming everyone else in your league isn’t looking for an RB in the third round. Do yourself a favor and just take a fucking running back in the first two rounds like a grown-up.

Do you want a bold strategy? Go triple RB to start your draft. You can find a WR2 and WR3, and maybe even a borderline WR1 in rounds 4-6. I’d suggest triple running back before 0 RB, but it’s your prerogative. 

You’d be unwise to take a quarterback before the fifth round:

The Quarterback field has never been tighter than it is this year. Not in terms of talent, but in fantasy points total. The top ten quarterbacks last year all averaged within 3 points of each other. That means the top scoring QB, Josh Allen, only averaged 3 more points a game than 10th place Kyler Murray. 

The top 10 runningbacks last year averaged 7 points from each other. This is what we call value-based drafting. Quarterbacks score the most points, but the gap between the most elite running backs and a good running back is much farther apart compared to Quarterbacks. 


Don’t be afraid to pick an elite defense once you get into round 10. Elite defenses have proven to be valuable assets in fantasy football. Here’s some food for thought: the Cowboys last year had the best fantasy defense, averaging 9.6 points per game. If Dallas D could be lined up with all other flex positions, they would have been about the 73rd best RB, WR or TE in fantasy football. That means a drafter would have been justified to take Dallas’s defense in the 6th round of a PPR league based on total point output alone. Here’s the craziest part too, Dallas’s defense last year was way weaker than number one defenses from the previous three years before that. 

I’m not telling you to take a defense in the sixth round because you absolutely should not. But to sit back and take chances on high-risk low reward bench players at the beginning of double-digit rounds when there are proven defenses that will get you points is mind-boggling to me. Don’t wait until the last two rounds to take defense, get your defense in rounds 10-12, unless the elite defenses are gone.  

Written by tfmdirtymike

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