Drake Gets Even Bigger Bras Thrown At Him

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A couple weeks ago, a female Drake fan decided to throw her massive 36G bra on stage at a concert in Brooklyn. Following her stunt, the woman went viral on social media and actually ended up signing a deal with Playboy.

Well, it seems like she may have started a new trend.

Since the event, which happened at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on July 21, female fans have made it a staple at shows to throw their gigantic bras at Drake. The rapper doesn’t seem to mind however, and actually seems to be on some sort of quest to find the biggest.

Last week, Drake received his biggest bra to date at an astounding 46G. Obviously impressed, Drake stopped the show and tried to make the woman an honorary Toronto citizen. “You’re from Toronto now,” he insisted. “We have to bring you back home… put that in the hall of fame.” Not really sure what that means, but okay Drake.

Anyway, that was last week. Since then, a lot has changed. By “a lot,” I mean the bras’ size.

Yesterday, Drake performed in Washington, D.C and received way more than just one bra this time. Not only did Drake get tossed a black 42H brasserie, but he also picked up a bright pink bra even bigger. What’s bigger than a 42H? Just a 46L.

The massive bra had Drake in legitimate shock as he couldn’t even fathom the possibility of such a large bra. At one point, Drake needed to run through the alphabet just to see how far down L is. Turns out, it’s pretty deep in there.

It’s unclear if these bras actually belong to women or if they’re just purchased as a joke to mess with the rapper. Regardless, I don’t see this trend stopping anytime soon, especially with all of the publicity the stunts are gaining.

Anyway, I guess Drake found his concert’s new gimmick. Travis does roller coasters. Taylor has friendship bracelets. And Drake has really really big bras. Awesome.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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