Drake Shows Off Insane Bra Collection From Recent Tour

We’ve always known that Drake is smooth with the ladies – but I don’t think I realized how much of a dog he really is until his recent tour with 21 Savage. I mean, this bra collection is simply insane. If we conservatively estimated how many bras are in that picture, I’d say that one hundred is a solid number. So far, Drake has done around twenty-five shows of his tour, meaning that he’s averaging at least four bras collected per night. Some people would be lucky to be willingly given four bras in their entire life. These are Wilt numbers if I’ve ever seen ‘em. 

Now granted, the first girl who threw her bra up to Drake on stage got a modeling deal with Playboy, so it’s not all that surprising that everyone and their mother is ready to fling their undergarments around. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed the clips of Drake reacting to the bra sizes. In fact, I even got to learn about some bra sizes that I previously didn’t know existed.

I would’ve likely had the same reaction if I was in Drake’s position. For the longest time, I only thought that bra sizes went up to the classic “DD”, but I guess G is a thing now as well. I don’t want to be that guy – but a G-size might be a little too big. I wouldn’t even know what to do with that. But then again, I’m not Drake.

The fact that they had to have two people unload the giant basket filled with bras is just wild. I wouldn’t consider myself to be envious, but this has still got to feel pretty darn good for the six god himself. Putting my bias aside and looking strictly at the facts, Childish Gambino has nothing on Drake. Especially when it comes to their respective bra collections.

Written by the godfather

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