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Drake Sliding into Ben Shapiro’s Sister’s DMs??

Aubrey “Drake” Graham, one of the biggest musicians in the world needs a Texas-sized bonk right about now.

The superstar has recently followed Abby Shapiro, sister of controversial public figure Ben Shapiro, on Instagram. Ben is the reason for a lot of people falling into the alt-right pipeline with his videos that are usually titled something like, “Owning SJW” or “Destroying Stupid Liberals with Facts and Logic”. While his videos might have some negative affects on kids who are trying to develop their political opinions, they’re entertaining and funny as shit, which is how he has amassed such influence.

Ben also runs the Daily Wire, a conservative news outlet, and appears in front of college crowds, debating students.

So Drake probably followed his sister because he is interested in politics, right? Ehhhh, I would bet against that.

It’s probably because just like everyone’s favorite phone plan saleswoman, Lily from the AT&T commercials, Abby Shapiro’s conservative dressing hides her… upper Personality.

Yes, this tweet is a little old, but go check his following list on Instagram right now. He’s still following her, and there’s no other explanation than the fact that Drake is a notoriously horny celeb.

Alright, Jake Paul, time to get Drizzy Drake and Ben Shapiro into the ring on your next undercard. My money is on Benny Boy. I think he has the power to destroy Drake with his fists, facts, and logic.

Defend your sisters honor, Benjamin.

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