Draymond’s Fight Club

I am all for showing the younger guy his place. If an upstart young gun disrespects the old vet, he deserves to know whose team it’s been for the past while. But I mean come on Draymond, what are we doing here? This isn’t Mac McClung this is Jordan Poole. A guy who helped you win the fucking finals this past year. He isn’t a rookie anymore.

Now I’m not one to defend Jordan Poole, he is a Steph Curry wannabe. He thinks he’s hot shit, but he defends about as well as I would in the NBA. And his scoring is so flashy people should just call him Antonio Brown. But apparently during practice today things got a little physical after an argument broke out and Draymond decided to swing his hips like Shakira. The crazy part for me is that this isn’t even the first time they have had heated arguments with each other, and yet somehow they managed to pull an NBA title out of their asses. So do I think this is catastrophic? Absolutely not. The thing to be watchful for is that this is the first time these heated arguments have turned physical. And this time it’s bad enough that Draymond is actually being looked at to face disciplinary action. 

Honestly though if there is gonna be any parody in this fucking league then I would say that this needs to be something more than nothing. As someone who doesn’t enjoy watching the Warriors win every single year, I wouldn’t mind at all if this blows up right in the Warrior’s fucking face. But then again, the worst-case scenario is you cut Draymond and then you have a mobile defensive weapon in James Wiseman, so it doesn’t even matter. The Warriors are inevitable.

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Written by Warren Loukota

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