Drunk Baby Found After It Wouldn’t Stop Crying

How old were you when you got drunk for the first time? Well, I promise you this baby has you beat.

A mother living just outside of Los Angeles, California was arrested early Saturday morning and charged with child endangerment after her newborn was found intoxicated. Yes, I really do mean newborn. The child was seven weeks old.

At around 12:45am this past Saturday, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department received a phone call from Rialto, California about 55 miles outside of LA. When authorities arrived at the scene, they found mother Honesti de La Torre along with her seven-week-old baby who was reportedly heavily intoxicated.

According to the police report, de La Torre had been driving through Rialto when she stopped to put alcohol in her child’s bottle as an attempt to get it to stop crying. Obviously, that didn’t work and the baby instead just got plastered.

De La Torre has been held at the West Valley Detention Center on $60,000 bail. She is expected to appear in court today. The baby’s condition is unknown at this time.

As someone with a bunch of experience trying to stiffen tears with alcohol, I can tell you it usually just makes the problem worse. That said, a ton of details in this story still remain unanswered.

Unanswered Questions

For starters, I truly hope the baby is doing okay and that it’s survived its first hangover. I remember my first hangover and it did truly make me want to die. I can’t even imagine how I would have handled it if I couldn’t walk or talk.

Secondly, who called the cops? Was it de La Torre? If so, she deserves to go to prison just for being stupid. What did she think the cops would do? Not arrest her and just fix the baby? What she should have done (other than not give it alcohol in the first place) was buy a liquid IV or go to a hospital for an actual one. Sure, they’d probably find out you put whiskey in the sippy cup, but they’re doctors not cops. Worst case scenario you end up the same spot you are now, but at least give yourself a chance.

This is my third and final question. Why do some people have children? De La Torre clearly should not be a mother. Between driving around with a handle of liquor under her seat and deciding to use it as an all-natural pacifier, it’s abundantly clear de La Torre is not fit to raise a child. Less than two months in this woman got sick of her baby crying and tried to sedate it with alcohol. This woman is like Bill Cosby and R. Kelly combined. 

Hopefully authorities take the baby and it can find a better home. Hopefully one where the child will need to sneak alcohol out of a liquor cabinet, instead of chugging it in the backseat.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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