Drunken Woman Rolls Around In Horse Manure

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(Photo from Reddit via DailyMail)

This world has gone to shit. Horse shit.

We write about a lot of crazy stuff here at TFM, but this is probably the weirdest blog I’ll ever have to write.

An unnamed woman in Austin, TX went viral last night over Reddit and Facebook Live for a video of her rolling around in literal horse manure. In the middle of the infamous Sixth St, known for its wild nightlife and bar scene, a random woman began to lie down in a huge pile of horse feces which ultimately drew a massive crowd of people.

In the viral video, this drunken woman is surrounded by a huge group of onlookers all recording on their phones. She begins by simply lying in the mounds of crap while the crowd begins to chant “eat it.” Thankfully, she didn’t eat any of the poop (at least in the videos I’ve seen), but she did smear the manure all over her face and mouth which is pretty close. The video is absolutely vile, but also the kind of thing you’re only going to see once in your life so if you have the stomach to watch it I highly recommend you do. For you brave, sick-minded people (just like me), here’s the video.

The things people will do nowadays for attention is sickening. Doesn’t matter how drunk she was, there is no reason to ever treat a pile of shit like a sandbox. I get wanting to be famous, but not like this. A video like this will ruin your life. I’d rather get Overtime-Megan-ed than have millions of people see me smear a horse poop Joker smile across my mouth.

For the people recording, I get it. While you probably don’t want to revisit the video very frequently, you’re gonna need proof when you tell your friends this wild story. However, the amount of egging on was almost as grotesque as the act itself. Okay, maybe that’s not true, but the “eat it” chants were beyond stomach-churning. Why would you ever want to see a live performance of 2 Girls 1 Cup? Although, I guess this is more like 1 Girl 1 Pile Of Crap.

Anyway, I’m going to wash my eyes with bleach to get those images erased from my vision. Sorry if this ruined your day, but it’s my job to report on things like this.

(Gif from Tenor)

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