Dumbasses Of Twitter This Isn’t Ex Raider Bruce Campbell, But This Man Did Get Knocked The Fuck Out

Trolls of the internet will make thousands, if not millions, believe whatever just because somebody vaguely resembles the same dude. Sure this guy is massive, but he’s not Blake Campbell. The athletic and NY Times both reported that this wasn’t the former offensive lineman. Instead, a random dude was throwing hands inside a Walmart, which is the most believable place for a brawl to start. Why is this big man pissed off? Did he get charged for an extra plastic bag, did Walmart run out of his favorite item, was he pissed off with other shoppers? The internet will never know, but we did get a great ass-kicking out of it.

This started as a typical hold me back fight. People were yelling, but nothing was actually happening, but then this man came from behind the shelves. This man was ready to go, a nice wide stance and not the slightest bit of fear.

This man got knocked into the self-checkout. That damn robotic voice was probably yelling invalid barcode; please try again. Or please place the item in the bag as this man was fighting for his life.

Then if it wasn’t bad enough, this man got sent into the candy. M&M’s and Snickers were flying as this giant was getting thrown knocked around this Walmart.

P.S. make sure to listen with the sound on. This is great filmmaking by whoever was filming this. No unnecessary shaking, no crazy screaming, and great commentary. This shit should win an Academy Award.

Written by Mailman Dave

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