E-Scooter Racing: The Sport We Didn’t Know We Needed

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 13: : Jordan Rand of Helbiz Racing practices during day one of the eSkootr Championship Round 1 at Printworks London on May 13, 2022 in London, England. (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images for eSC)

People really are willing to race anything nowadays. From stock cars to dogs it seems like the only thing we care about is watching shit go fast, but people have really taken it to a whole new extreme with this scooter shit. I don’t think you could race a less cool form of transportation. Even the guys who are racing them professionally look like absolute dweebs on them.

 You’ve definitely seen people riding these things around your college campus or city. I don’t know about you guys, but I will never be able to get on board with the Escooter. I just feel like you can’t ride one without looking like an absolute knuckle-muncher. I can understand if you need to take a Lime or Bird every once in a while; there is a time and place for everything. I just can’t support anyone who goes out and buys their own personal driver. Call me crazy, but that’s where I draw my line. 

These scooters have been coming out of the woodwork in cities across America and I don’t see it slowing down anytime in the near future. The Italian company YCOM, teamed up with the eSC, to produce the S1-X eSkooter. These scooters really don’t look all that different from the rentable scooters you would see around any college campus. They definitely have bigger tires and an improved frame but other than that it just looks like any Bird or Lime scooter with a bigger battery. The biggest difference is that these things can clock up to 60 mph. That may not seem like a lot if you’re thinking about a car but for a scooter that is hauling ass. I could only imagine what it’s like taking a turn on one of those things.

There are 30 riders and ten teams in the ESkootr Championship. Similar to F1, there isn’t a single American driver currently in the racing series. It makes sense considering this whole thing screams European. As much as I hate these scooters I can’t stop watching these guys shred turns. The crashes are even crazier; these guys go from scoot to asphalt instantly. The 2022 racing season was an electric factory and I feel like the emergence of an American team in 2023 could get some support from across the pond. 

Written by Brady White

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