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Ed Sheeran-looking Dude Threw Hands And Cleared The Room

This is not Ed Sheeran, honestly it only kinda sorta looks like him, but the point is that this dude had enough of……. everyone…. and took matters into his own hands.

And he was throwing them:

By my count, he went after FIVE people in one 0:42 clip.

Honestly, I don’t even know if he knew which side he was on, he was just unleashing and hitting anything moving.

Is his form perfect? No.
Do his kicks land? No.
Does anyone else want a piece? Nope.

Put this guy on my team in a fight!

Actually, on second thought, don’t. He was flailing them pretty good, this could result in some friendly fire because I’m let hands fly, too.

We would clear that stairwell and end up back to back like Jason Statham and The Rock in a shitty action movie.

OK… on third thought, let me meet this guy. I want to do that.

Oh, we do not endorse violence. Disclaimer… legal check box… something.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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