Elon Musk Does Ketamine, Reportedly

PARIS, FRANCE - JUNE 16: Chief Executive Officer of SpaceX and Tesla and owner of Twitter, Elon Musk gestures as he attends the Viva Technology conference dedicated to innovation and startups at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre on June 16, 2023 in Paris, France. Elon Musk is visiting Paris for the VivaTech show where he gives a conference in front of 4,000 technology enthusiasts. He also took the opportunity to meet Bernard Arnaud, CEO of LVMH and the French President. Emmanuel Macron, who has already met Elon Musk twice in recent months, hopes to convince him to set up a Tesla battery factory in France, his pioneer company in electric cars. (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

After a historically slow news day yesterday, I woke up to this web gem on Twitter and I would like to formally say “The Internet is BACK!” Elon Musk reportedly “microdoses ketamine to treat depression and takes full doses of the drug at parties, per the WSJ.”

This is the second time in the last month that we’ve had suspicions about someone doing a drug, the first was the one and only Brooks Koepka.

I am going to fire off some takes for you guys about Elon and this Ketamine report.

  1. After extensive research (1 Google Search), I learned it’s not “that” bad. It’s just a hallucinogenic, so basically if Shrooms had an abusive father as a child and then had to support his mother at a young age.
  2. It is used to cure depression
  3. It has a cool name
  4. If I was the richest man in the world, I would 100% be doing Ketamine on a beach, instead, he’s doing ketamine and building rockets that will hopefully take us to Mars.
  5. Today is Elons birthday, everyone does drugs on their birthday.

I also love the way this Tweet was written. “Microdoses to treat depression and takes full doses of the drugs at parties.” Yeah, the dude has morals and knows he has to take care of his 13 children. I do the same thing. I’ll have the occasional mid-week beer when writing blogs and completely blackout on the weekend, that’s called being an adult. ( I think)

We should’ve all seen the ketamine usage coming when this video dropped.

Written by TFM Stelly

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