Elon Musk, Possible Anti-Semite, Confirmed Rob Reiner Fan

Elon Musk recently did an interview with some old white geezer for CNBC where he was asked about his recent remarks regarding George Soros. Soros is a financier who recently sold a large stake in Tesla, and he often finds himself at the butt of antisemitic hate online. Musk contributed to the hate, comparing him to the X-Men villain, Magneto, and saying Soros hates humanity. The part that causes Musk to lose any possible moral high ground, is the fact that Soros, as well as the fictional character Magneto, are both known for being survivors of the holocaust. 

The interview really gets good when Musk is asked about these statements. He starts off saying that he is, “pro-semetic,” to defend his quote that literally compared two holocaust survivors. He then is asked about why he chose to make this comparison despite the obvious fact that it would come with repercussions. He then takes a ten second break that only people with f**k-you money can afford to pull off, and proceeds to introduce a quote from The Princess Bride. His exact quote reads, “Offer me money, offer me power. I don’t care.” Clearly the guy thinks he is a badass.

This interview is so hard to watch. The interviewer begs for Musk’s approval as if he is a kid talking to the dad who never played a single game of catch with him. He agrees with everything Musk says on instinct, and it inflates Musk’s already massive ego to the point where he felt cool enough to pull this snoozer of a quote out of his ass. In case you aren’t familiar, Musk has more power and money than a lot of medium sized countries. Him saying that he doesn’t care about money and power so he can say wild things on Twitter is a little different than a man whose entire motivation is avenging the death of his father. 

This video puts Musk in the S-tier of rich white guys who seem like you’d jump out of a third-floor window to escape a conversation with. This clip might’ve made me as uncomfortable as the Zuckerberg video where he says Sweet Baby Ray’s a bunch of times. That being said, if the cost of being rich is sacrificing all personality, then I’ll sell mine on eBay and surround myself with gold digging friends. I can make bad movie quotes too, Elon.

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  1. Shocking, an unpaid Soros shill shielding him from criticism with an “antisemitism” wall. Unsatisfactory writing Mr. “Slightly above average”

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