Elon Musk’s Dad Impregnates His Step-Daughter. Stuck In The Wash? More Like Stuck In The Tesla

Elon Musk’s dad, Errol, recently revealed he had a SECOND secret kid with his STEPDAUGHTER Jana Bezuidenhout. I feel like I’ve heard this premise somewhere else…

Errol who is 76 had the kid with 35 year old Jana back in 2019 but only recently revealed it. Errol was quoted as saying, “The only thing we are on earth for is to reproduce”. I mean I guess that’s his line and the rizz is undeniable as proven by the two kids. The only thing is he said the kid was unplanned. Sounds like he just wants an excuse to smash. 

Elon absolutely shares that view as he has 10 kids of his own, some with Grimes and a couple with an executive at Neuralink which is one of his companies. 

Yes, it’s more than a little morally questionable having kids with your stepdaughter who you raised for a while, but you can’t argue that the Musks FVCK. What makes it even weirder is that Jana and Elon were raised together, significant age difference but still super wack. 

Errol and Jana, despite the two kids, are no longer together, and Errol cited the age difference as the reason. Gee that’s a shocker.

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