Emily Ratajkowski Shares Thong Closeup Video on Beach

Former iCarly actress Emily Ratajkowski shared a video of her playing with her bathing suit on the beach. The model is no stranger to showing her incredibly revealing outfits off to the internet. Her career could be summarized through her nudity in the “Blurred Lines” music video, a brief appearance in Gone Girl, and viral social media posts wearing practically nothing. Basically, this video on the beach is exactly what fans have come to expect of Ratajkowski. 

The video sees Ratajkowski fiddling with her thong bikini, before turning to the camera and giving a coy smile. It is unknown what beach the video takes place at. Or if there was any reason Ratajkowski decided to share this video. No matter though, as fans were thrilled to see Ratajkowski show off her god given “talent.”

After my ninth or tenth viewing of this video, I noticed a man walking in the back who caught my attention. He is wearing a speedo, (not why it caught my attention, I’m mad straight bro) and turns around to stare at Ratajkowski for several seconds. I don’t know if he is a fan of hers, attracted to her bathing suit, or both. Either way, this guy’s double take is pretty hilarious.

I have made several takeaways from this video, none more than Emily Ratajkowski is fun to look at. I guess this isn’t particularly news, so you can carry on with your day. Either way, Emily Ratajkowski dated Gibby on iCarly for a brief time period, and that shouldn’t be forgotten. 

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