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Al Gore Is A Legend, We Wouldn’t Have Been Able To Ignore Emma Watson’s Bra

Emma Watson is sexy. Underboob is sexy.
Emma Watson showing even a covered glimpse of her underboob. Well…..

Al Gore is an absolute LEGEND for being able to make sure that every photo taken of his meeting with Emma Watson, having her bra showing on the underboob, had his eyes locked straight ahead.

Tip of the hat, sir. We wouldn’t have been able to make that happen.

Laser focus from the former VP. Instagram

Most other outlets that will cover this story are describing the outfit as “midriff-baring” — and technically that is also correct — but, umm… that top is clearly not covering very much else.

Oh… why was Emma Watson talking to Al Gore? (I really don’t care)… It was for some environmental event.

And, actually, the Emilia Wickstead outfit stayed on-brand with the event, as she wrote on Instagram … it was “handmade in London using leftover fabrics consisting of 62% recycled yarn that was locally sourced, woven, and printed in Italy.”

Good for you, Emma.

Also, she talked about Gore.

“I think one of the many reasons I find Al Gore so compelling is that – even though he lost one of the biggest fights of his life to become president in 2000… he has continued to do the work he set out to do despite humiliation, loss and defeat,” Watson wrote on Insta, adding, “That to me is a hero.”

Him being able to not sneak a peak, or at least not get caught sneaking a peak… THAT, to me, is a hero.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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