Even Anheuser-Busch Himself Hates Bud Light

Even the Anheuser-Busch Family itself despises Bud Light.

This past Friday, Billy Busch Sr. — great grandson of Anheuser-Busch founder Adolphus Busch — appeared in an exclusive interview with TMZ to discuss Bud Light’s fall from grace after its infamous failed Dylan Mulvaney marketing campaign.

In the interview, Busch himself condemns the advertising stunt and calls it unpatriotic. Most notably, Busch even says that his ancestors would have “rolled in their graves” at the sight of the beer can which displayed the transgender influencer’s face.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to start watching the news more. Basically, Bud Light — which used to brand itself as “America’s beer” — has lost 25% of market value as well as $400 million in revenue after sparking controversies by placing a transgender influencer on their cans. Though the stint was short-lived, the boycott has not been. Hardcore conservatives have been lashing out at the brand since April 1 and efforts appear to keep going strong.

Now, it seems the “go woke, go broke” mindset has made its way all the way to the top as the parent company’s own fortune heir has publicly spoken out against the marketing decision.

“I think my family — my ancestors would have rolled over in their graves,” Busch told TMZ. “You know, I think people who drink beer, I think they’re your common folk. I think they are the blue-collar worker who goes and works hard every single day. The last thing they want pushed down their throat or to be drinking is a beer can with that kind of message on it. I just don’t think that’s what they’re looking for. They want their beer to be truly American, truly patriotic, as it always has been. Truly, America’s beer, which Bud Light was and probably isn’t any longer.”

Ouch. Even the man behind the company thinks Bud Light’s days have come to an end. That’s a harsh reality.

While Busch remains strongly against the marketing efforts, he made it clear his family didnt oppose the idea of transgenderism. “They believed that transgender, gays, that sort of thing was all a very personal issue. They loved this country because it is a free country and people are allowed to do what they want, but it was never meant to be on a beer can and never meant to be pushed in people’s faces.”

Busch has a lot more thoughts on the matter. So much so he has just published a book titled Family Reins: The Extraordinary Rise and Epic Fall of an American Dynasty which details his family’s brewing company from its humble beginnings to present day. If you want to hear all of his thoughts and opinions, you can buy the book here.

For those unconvinced of its death before, this appears to be the final nail in Bud Light’s coffin. So long, Bud Light. Looks like everyone hates you, especially your founder.

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Written by Alex Becker

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