Every Travis Scott Album Ranked

Ahead of his fourth solo studio album UTOPIA dropping tonight, I figured it was only fitting to rank every Travis Scott project to date. For this list, I’ll be including his early mixtapes and joint albums, along with his three studio albums. Don’t get upset if you disagree with any of my takes – just know you’re wrong. Let’s get into it.

7. Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho (2017)

Coming in at number six, we have Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho. Personally, I didn’t think this album was as terrible as a lot of other people make it out to be. While I’m not the biggest fan of Quavo, this joint album has a couple of solid tracks in “Modern Slavery” and “Saint”, but there isn’t a single song on the entire project that remains popular to this day. Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho is extremely forgettable – which is why it’s at the bottom of Travis Scott’s discography. 

6. JACKBOYS (2019)

The only reason that JACKBOYS isn’t in last is because of Don Toliver (and maybe Pop Smoke). I’m sure we all remember the song “OUT WEST” from our TikTok For You Page a couple of years ago, but I wouldn’t exactly consider those fond memories. JACKBOYS is incredibly underwhelming for the amount of musical talent on the project and we have yet to hear from the JACKBOYS group since. I mean, is Sheck Wes even alive still? That dude just dropped Mo Bamba and dipped. Regardless, JACKBOYS is mid and you shouldn’t waste your time listening to it if you haven’t already.

5. Owl Pharaoh (2013)

Some people might have never heard of Owl Pharaoh since it’s not on Apple Music or Spotify. While the production on this mixtape is pretty raw, you’ve got to remember this is also the world’s introduction to Travi$ Scott (that’s right, he used to spell his name like that). Personally, this is one of my favorite Travis projects, but I can’t justify having it highly ranked on an objective list. Although “Upper Echelon” might be one of the more recognizable songs on this mixtape, “Hell Of A Night” is a top ten Travis Scott track of all time (in my humble opinion). If you have yet to give Owl Pharaoh a listen, please do so before UTOPIA drops tonight. Hopefully, Travis will return to some of his early mixtape roots on the new album as some of the songs on this project are straight heat

4. Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (2016)

This was the first Travis Scott album I ever listened to, so it’s got a special place in my heart. “goosebumps” with Kendrick Lamar still hits exactly as hard as it did back in 2016, but the most popular song off the album today might be the unreleased extended version of “sdp interlude”. Besides those two songs, however, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight doesn’t have the longevity to be placed in the top three. That might be one of my hotter takes on this list, but I’m sticking with it. Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love this album. But, to someone who rarely listens to Travis Scott, I can guarantee you that they won’t be able to name a single song on this project besides “goosebumps”. 

3. ASTROWORLD (2018)

Need I say more than “SICKO MODE”. All jokes aside, ASTROWORLD is a pretty fantastic album top to bottom. Despite the controversy surrounding the Astroworld Festival in Houston, the hype around this album prior to its release is only second to UTOPIA. And I’d say it delivered. “CAN’T SAY” introduced most of us to my lord and savior, Don Toliver, which I’m thankful every day for. The features from Drake, The Weeknd, 21 Savage, and others added so much to their respective tracks while still ensuring that ASTROWORLD was a Travis Scott album. Let’s see if Travis can deliver on the hype once again tonight. 

2. Days Before Rodeo (2014)

I couldn’t remain objective with this one. Days Before Rodeo is an outstanding mixtape. I don’t care what anyone else says, this project has absolutely no skips and it’s a shame how unpopular it is amongst non-Travis Scott fans. Once again, it’s probably not as well-known because of its unavailability on streaming platforms, but that shouldn’t be an excuse. “Drugs You Should Try” – banger. “Skyfall” featuring Young Thug – banger. “Sloppy Toppy” featuring Migos – BANGER. Remnants of Days Before Rodeo will forever remain in my playlists, only second to Travis Scott’s greatest album of all time. 

1. Rodeo (2015)

Behold, the mother of all Travis Scott projects. Rodeo is a masterpiece. In all honesty, mere words couldn’t do justice to how amazing this album is. “90210” and “Antidote” alone are massive hits, but combined with other flawless tracks like “Maria I’m Drunk”, “Pray 4 Love”, and “Impossible”, you’ve got a perfect project. Not to mention “Piss on Your Grave” with Kanye West. That song will have you ready to run through a wall while simultaneously bench-pressing 315 pounds. You might think that’s unrealistic, but anything is possible with Travis Scott’s Rodeo.

Written by the godfather

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