Everything I Know About The Kentucky Derby

This Saturday is the 149th Kentucky Derby. While I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a horse racing fan, I do make sure to tune in to the biggest race of the year.

Horse racing is probably the most electrifying sport to bet on. Every horse is plus odds, you don’t need to wait three hours to see if you win, and there is absolutely no skill involved. Okay, maybe there is some skill, but for the average joe like me, betting on horse racing is basically just choosing the silliest name. 

This year is different, though. After years of throwing away money on the ponies, I have decided to finally do some research. Here is everything you need to know in order to pick this year’s winning steed.

The coolest thing I learned in my (limited) research is that no horse slotted in the first three positions has won the derby since 1998. Thus, despite some experts having high hopes for Two Phils, he would essentially need to make history to take home the win. Fade.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the number 5 slot is the most winningest historically with ten first place finishes. This makes Tapit Trice a pretty convincing contender, especially considering he is undefeated. Plus, his name is basically “tap it three times,” which is definitely something I can get behind.

The favorite for the race is Forte at 3-1 odds. Coming off a five race win streak, Forte is hotter than Overtime Megan’s camera roll and poised for a big performance this weekend. However, I have my doubts. Forte is a magnificent horse (so I’m hearing), but he has just been a tad too good for my liking. Forte just won the Florida Derby, though this sounds impressive, no horse has won the Florida Derby and the Kentucky Derby in the same year since 2016. Even more so, the odds-on favorite at the Kentucky Derby hasn’t placed first since 2018. Could that all change this year? Perhaps, but wouldn’t you rather take better odds given that information? I know I would.

Another horse to keep your eye on is Angel of Empire. Having placed first twice in its last three races, Angel of Empire could be serious competition for Forte as he will start lined up on his left and force him to compete for ground early. While Angel of Empire’s odds stand at 8-1, I feel like he hits a nice sweet spot of underdog, proven winner, yet still humble. Look out for AoE to stir up some trouble.

Finally, horses you should watch for fun include Jace’s Road, Raise Cain, and Rocket Can. Last year’s winner Rich Strike closed at 80-1, meaning it truly is anybody’s race. Jace’s Road is a heavy underdog, but his starting position alongside other heavy underdogs may give him a favorable start to the race. Raise Cain has a delicious name and could potentially see some nice conditions while Forte and Angel of Empire duke it out mano-a-mano beside him. Finally, at 30-1 odds is Rocket Can, who in all honestly just sounds like a winner.

So who is my pick to take home the trophy and $3 million prize? Tapit Trice, obviously. In fact, I believe he will indeed tap it trice and bring home the Triple Crown. You heard it here first.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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