Ex-Dippin’ Dots CEO Arrested For Getting Drunk And Naked Before Choking Out GF

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We already knew that former Dippin’ Dots CEO Scott Fischer likes balls in his mouth, but he is about to get a lot more of them now that he’s going to jail.

Turns out that while Fischer used to run a company focused on serving up sweet treats in a fun and creative way, he is actually quite an awful human being. This past weekend, the former ice cream CEO was arrested after he drunkenly beat his girlfriend before running around outside completely naked.

(Photo taken from Oklahoma News 4)

Before we get into that crazy story from this weekend, there is some backstory. Back in 2021, while he was still CEO of Dippin’ Dots, Fischer got in trouble for “revenge porn.” Though it sounds awesome, it was actually pretty messed up. While married to wife Amanda Brown, Fischer would repeatedly force her to send him explicit X-rated photos in exchange for spending money. When the two inevitably split up, Brown took custody of their chihuahua against Fischer’s wishes. He then went into a John Wick-esque ramage over the dog, yet instead of murdering a bunch of people he just sent them his ex-wife’s nudes. Of the many recipients, the most notable and disgusting was none other than Brown’s own mother. Brown then sued him for his heinous actions.

Fast forward to this past weekend, Fischer has a new girlfriend and drinking problem (only the former is “new”). His girlfriend confronted him about said drinking problem and of course shit went haywire quickly.

According to police reports, Fischer’s girlfriend, who remains unnamed, allegedly came home from work to the couple’s Oklahoma City mansion only to find her significant other completely wasted. Upon confronting him about his alcoholism, Fischer decided to take all of his clothes off (rational choice) and crawl into bed at around 6pm. About six hours later, his girlfriend also got into bed, which prompted Fischer to grab her by the shirt and begin to choke her. She was able to escape, but Fischer chased her down in the living room and punched her several times in the chest. She then escaped once more out of his grasp and called the police.

When cops arrived, Fischer was wobbling outside the house “completely naked with a blank expression on his face.” He was arrested on counts of public intoxication, domestic violence by strangulation, interfering with an emergency call, and indecent exposure.

So obviously Fischer isn’t a great guy. I think the first sign, other than the whole revenge porn thing (that’s pretty bad), is the fact that he is a multi-millionaire living in Oklahoma and still has his girlfriend working. Then you mix in all the domestic violence stuff and you realize this guy is a real monster.

Now I know what you are all thinking. Don’t worry, you can still eat Dippin’ Dots. While Fischer was the former CEO, he no longer is and isn’t even the mastermind behind the beaded ice cream. Dippin’ Dots were invented in 1988 by Curt Jones and according to my (limited) research he has never assaulted a woman, so we’re in the clear.

As for Fischer, he is probably one of the richest men in Oklahoma and as a state that I imagine doesn’t care very much for women or their bodies, I have to believe his sentence won’t be that strong. Here’s to hoping that isn’t the case and that he ends up in there just as he was found, naked and shaking.

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