Fake Disorders on TikTok

Shitty Tiktoker of the week: biseggsualchameleon (mika)

Mika, I need some evidence before I can accurately relate to you. As far as I know, you are making this PTSD up, and it’s hard to fucking watch. I physically cringed when I watched this because of how much she clearly needs to have everyone’s attention. I won’t lie and say I haven’t been startled by cars that do this, but to make up that you have a disorder just to cover you being slightly caught off guard is the most selfish thing in the world. Also, she is still on the side of the road which makes me believe that this JUST happened. Like that car she mentions just drove by, she jumped and figured she could get back at the driver by making them feel like a piece of shit. Just to be clear, I am not sure if she actually has PTSD, but even if she does, you don’t use disorders as a crutch.

There seems to be a trend going around tik tok of people pretending to have a mental disorder. I say pretend because there’s no real way to know if they are real. I would assume that if someone says they have a disorder, then they have a disorder. But, there certainly are people (specifically teenage girls) that seem to make up that they have a disorder just to look “quirky”. This doesn’t sound like anything new because there have always been 14-year-old girls on Twitter claiming they have depression to get attention or make a point, but some of these have gone too far. Mika has also used her Bipolar Disorder or BPD as a way to justify her mistakes in life.


#stitch with @louise.recovery2 not proud of any of this… but I’m very proud of how far I’ve come. Recovery is worth is besties xx #bpd

♬ Borderline – Tove Styrke

Now again, I don’t know if she actually has BPD, but even if she does it seems wrong to use it as an excuse for your actions the way she is. You’re blaming bad things you’ve done in your life on a disorder, which isn’t inherently bad, it is more about the arrogance and tone of which it is presented. Sharing experiences of dealing with a disorder can be helpful for yourself and others but when those experiences are met with an ego the size of Chris Christie’s stomach then we have a problem. She parades her disorders around like a cocky Macy’s thanksgiving day balloon and expects us to relate or feel sympathetic. You are doing bad things and blaming it on someone else… which is you. You have a “get out of jail free” card for anything you do. She doesn’t view her disorders as something that’s a part of her, she views them as trophies that can be sprinkled in conversations as a way to get attention.

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