Fans Calling for Sandra Bullock to Lose ‘Blind Side’ Oscar

After Michael Oher came forward yesterday saying that The Blind Side was built off lies, many people have taken to the internet to “cancel” Sandra Bullock’s Oscar for playing Leanne Tuohy. While the news that Oher was technically never adopted by the Tuohy family completely ruins the sentimental value of the movie, I still don’t think that Bullock’s Oscar should be taken away because of it. Sure, I don’t think anyone is going to willingly watch The Blind Side ever again, but it was considered to be a phenomenal movie up until literally yesterday. Even though the real Leanne Tuohy might be a corrupt and evil person, Sandra Bullock is not. All she did was play the role that she was given – and she did it well

Although I may be a little biased in this debate due to my deep love for Sandra Bullock, I feel like I’m still on the winning side. Any time you can support a blonde Sandra Bullock, I don’t really see how you could lose. I know I said earlier that this movie is unwatchable, but Bullock’s performance might be its only saving grace. I mean, she is smoking hot in this movie. If I could describe my ideal wife, it would be Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side (or Ocean’s 8). Just complete and utter perfection. 

I hope that the Academy will do the right thing and let Bullock keep her Oscar. Her career shouldn’t suffer because a corrupt family got exposed years after the movie was released. If she does lose the Oscar, however, there isn’t a length I won’t go to in order to get it back. It’s only right after she provided me with so much joy throughout all these years.

Written by the godfather

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