Fantasy Football Series: What your draft format says about your league 

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This will be my first blog in a series covering Fantasy Football. If you’re like me, you think fantasy football is the greatest innovation since Football itself. I live for the Fall because of it, and the only other thing that comes close to it is the dose of March Madness I get in the spring. 

Snake Draft- 

Your league is full of hard-working Americans if you use snake draft. Snake draft is, and forever will be, the one true way to draft in fantasy football. I’d guesstimate at least 90% of fantasy football leagues use snake and rightfully so. It’s the true way to draft. 

Why are snake drafts so good? Great question, it’s because they are blindly fair. As long as your order is randomized there can be no collusion, no cataclysm, no anarchy. 

If, however, your league lets you pick your order, and it isn’t randomized, then your league is faulty. Being able to select where you pick based on last year’s standings or some other type of simulation gives a pre-existing advantage to those who choose. Your league isn’t fair and you sit on a throne of lies. Grow the hell up. 

Linear draft-

There is one exception to using a linear draft format and that is in dynasty leagues only. If your fantasy football league isn’t a dynasty AND you’re using Linear draft then I think you are taking your “GM” role a little too seriously. Are you calling the players to let them know you took them too? 

Automated draft- 

I honestly didn’t even know some leagues did this but I guess this is a thing. Sure there are the occasional bums in every league who just don’t draft themselves and let the computer take the top player on the board, but the entire league?! Do you even like fantasy football? Do you believe in any God at all? You’re a league of guys who get off the couch once, maybe twice a day.

Auction draft- 

I don’t know what type of confederacy state you are in if you’re using an auction draft. You’ve got to be a different breed of hardos to do an auction draft. Fantasy football is supposed to be a little complicated, but not this complicated. You get into guys trying to drive up prices, and your draft is going to take about 5 hours instead of 1. Take it easy man.

Written by tfmdirtymike

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