Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $100

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Rear view of man walking with boy on golf course. Father and son are carrying bags at sports field. They are in sportswear.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s getting to that time when you need to start thinking about gifts. Use this as a reminder to get proactive and get your dad’s gift early because there is nothing worse than piecing something together at the last minute. Whether you barely see the guy or he is the one currently funding your college career, getting the ultimate gift for Father’s Day is hard. Dads are notorious for not wanting or needing anything. Nothing will replace his grass-stained Air Monarchs or his 20-year-old Weber grill that barely closes. While it may seem like the perfect gift doesn’t exist, I can guarantee something on this list will fire your dad up this Father’s Day. 

Tile $47

There is nothing that will make a grown man lose his shit quite like losing his shit. We’ve all been there. Hunting through the house trying to help your dad find his wallet or keys while he stresses the fuck out. That will never happen again if you get your dad a tile tracker for Father’s Day. While he may have no idea what it is when he opens it up, it is sure to come in handy. This gift will give your dad’s keys and wallet find my iPhone capabilities. You can get 1 Tile for $23 or a 2-pack for $47 on Amazon.

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker $99

If you are getting some funding from your mom or are splitting the cost with one of your siblings, this is the perfect gift. It might be a little pricey, but this gift will definitely get put to good use. This speaker is great for the beach, golf course, or backyard. While it typically costs $120, it is currently on sale for $99 on Amazon. So get on it and save some cash.

Golf Hitting Mat $20-45

With you away at college, chances are your dad has been putting more time into his golf game. While a lot of us love golf, I can safely say that no one loves golf when they are playing like shit. Help your dad improve his game without having your mom get on his ass about the divots he leaves in the backyard. If you have the extra cash don’t be afraid to throw in some foam golf balls because a broken window could really put a damper on the fathers Day festivities. These range in price depending on the size and quality of the turf, but the one linked above costs $30 and is a pretty good size.

Massage Gun $40-200

If your dad is anything like mine, he probably gets sore by just getting up out of his chair. Help your dad relieve that pain 7 days a week by getting him a massage gun this Father’s Day. The best thing about this gift is that it can pretty much fit any budget. While the lower-range massage guns are around $40, the higher-end guns like the Theragun can be well over $100. The one in the link above is currently 60% off and costs $40.

A Dozen Custom Golf Balls $50ish

Nothing is worse than being on the course and not knowing if you’re hitting the right ball. For a pretty reasonable price, you can get a dozen golf balls with your dad’s nickname or face on the side of it. This gift is the perfect balance between personalized and useful. The price is pretty contingent upon what type of golf ball you want to customize, but I think the best way to get this gift is through Vice Golf. They allow you to get pretty wild with your designs and are relatively inexpensive if you use the Promo Code FREEPRINT.

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