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F*ck Marry Kill

In honor of Red (Taylor’s Version), I will be playing F*ck, Marry, Kill with Taylor Swift’s besties.

I would play with Taylor Swift, but I am a Swiftie….. So it would be too obvious who I’d pick. Even if I wasn’t going to pick Taylor, I don’t want to piss off Swifties. That would be scary.

  1. F*CK – Selena Gomez

Now, this is pretty obvious. Selena Gomez is one of Taylors oldest friends. She is naturally sexy and a loyal friend. But that’s not the only reason I’m obsessed with Selena.

First off, Selena handles herself with class. She’s been through a lot since she’s becoming famous. Dealing with the Justin Bieber break up, her health, her mental health, and people criticizing her body and singing, Selena has handled herself extremely well. She has always been super classy and mature with her posts and responses to the public.

Second, she’s about her business. She’s an actor, singing, beauty brand owner, personality, and probably does a lot more stuff that I don’t even know. Selena has only gotten sexier with age. Her curves are beautiful. ALSO HER MUSIC SLAPS SO BACK OFF.

2. MARRY – Blake Lively

Similar to Selena Gomez, Blake Lively has handled herself with immense class and is about her business. Blake Lively is just a dream woman. She is so hot. She seems like she is an amazing mom and wife. She is funny and charming.

I’ve been obsessed ever since Gossip Girl. I was always a Serena girl.

3. Kill – Karlie Kloss

She is stunning. I remember as a kid walking into Victoria Secret and seeing her perfection. Taylor and Karlie actually are not friends anymore, according to the internet, due to Karlie Kloss being super close with Scooter Braun. So…. unfortunately….. it’s a kill….

She’s stunning. I’ve seen some of her cooking videos on YouTube. She seems like the type of girl to have multiple Kitchen Aids and white bedding.

I unfortunately have to kill her. But wow, she is beautiful.

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