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F*ck, Marry, Kill – Euphoria

These girls are as hot as this show is stressful. I am obsessed with everyone on this show. I’m going to play with their characters, because I could never kill any of these actresses. I’m too in love with them.

  1. Fuck – Maddy

Alexa Demie is oozes sex appeal. Her instagram and her outfits are so cool. She is everything I want to be. She brings that all to Maddy.

Maddy has main character vibes, even thought she isn’t the main character in Euphoria. She’s extremely confident. Doesn’t take any shit. The way she talks to men is inspirational to me.

Not to mention her hair, makeup, and clothes. Such a cool girl. I can’t marry Maddy, because her and Nate are too involved. Maddy isn’t messy at all, but she’s messy for Nate.

2. Marry – Cassie

When I watched the first season, Cassie was my favorite immediately. Now, Maddy and Cassie are my favs. But you always love your first love…..

Cassie has had shitty men in her life and has had to handle things all on her own. I feel bad for her. She’s such a sweet girl. A big ass mess, but maybe if someone would be there for her she’d change. Also, I will never get over her grinding on the carousel and how uncomfortable that was.

3. Kill – Rue

I know, I’d die for Zendaya…. but Rue on the other hand…..

It pains me to see her struggle so much. Especially, since she has a little sister, who loves her so much. The reason I picked her to kill is because of how shitty she is to Fez. She compromises his safety multiple times. Unless it’s about Jewels, Rue can’t think of anyone but herself. Sweet bb needs to get better!!!

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