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F*ck, Marry, Kill – Mary Jane

In honor of the new Spiderman movie, let’s play FMK with the female leads from each rendition. Kristin Dunst, Zendaya, and Emma Stone. All three are iconic and sexy in their own way. Let’s play….

  1. Fuck – Kristen Dunst as Mary Jane

Kristen Dunst was the Mary Jane I grew up with. She was way too sexy to be a high school student – the red hair, never wearing a bra, the upside down kiss, etc. Personally, she is my favorite Mary Jane.

The comic book red hair is amazing. She is the classic hot, popular girl dating a shitty boyfriend; yet, she always stands up for the nerds. Do these girls actually exist? The director unapologetically had her in the rain with no bra constantly.

Once again, no bra.

2. Marry – Zendaya as Mary Jane

Reasons I love Zendaya’s Mary Jane –

  1. She looks like she could actually be in high school.
  2. She’s a bad bitch and takes no shit.
  3. The movie (and her character) don’t revolve around her being sexy and wanting to be dicked down by Spiderman.
  4. Zendaya gives representation to minorities. Something Marvel has taken a long time to do.
  5. Zendaya is hot.

Also, Zendaya is consistently on Vogues best dressed list. A massive flex.

3. Kill – Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

Without a DOUBT, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had the most chemistry out of any of the Spiderman movies. Such an iconic pair. Emma Stone is one of the best actresses alive and I am a massive fan, however, I must kill her.

The reason I must kill Gwen Stacy is because she dies anyway. I loved this version of the Spiderman movies; yet, I have never rewatched them. It was too traumatic when she died.

I mean, I knew she was going to…. But it was painful to watch. Luckily it was the best thing for Emma Stone’s career, because she went on to do way bigger movies.

Emma stone kills this blonde hair too.

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