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F*ck, Marry, Kill – The Liars

The sexy teen soap opera that made ABC Family rebrand to Freeform. The show starred four hot girls, who were even hotter off-screen. The plot of the show was confusing and didn’t make sense. But we watched it anyways, because we loved these girls.

They started out as some (too developed for their age) teens (similar to the underage twerkers of TikTok). As the show gained popularity, they became full on goddesses with upgraded makeup and clothes.

  1. Fuck – Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson is by far the most interesting to me. First off, her dating history. She’s dated stars like G-Easy, Chord Overstreet, Justin Thorne, Nat Wolff, and Tyler Blackburn. But most famously, she dated Cara Delevingne.

Here they are carrying a sex bench into their apartment. How could I not pick her as my fuck?

She is an absolute sexy bombshell and as cringy as this sounds…. I love her vibe.

2. Marry – Shay Mitchell

Maybe one of the most gorgeous people I’ve ever seen. Her stunning complexion is due to her Filipino mother and a white father. The reason I chose her to marry is because she is a sexy baby mama.

Her baby is adorable and she seems to be an incredible mother and partner.

Unreal. This sexy and knows how to read?????

3. Kill – Lucy Hale

This one hurts me to write. I love Lucy Hale. She’s so cute and doll like. BUT I MUST… I have my reasons.

She hosted the New Years Eve ball drop and we all know that you have to be super annoying to do that.

Second reason, she starred in A Cinderella Story Three or Four IDK. Please. Please let the Hilary Duff classic be. The Selena Gomez remake was cute. But we have to stop with these made for TV movie remakes. We are making teens have bad taste.

But I can’t say I wouldn’t do the movie too if they asked me… so I can’t judge.

Third reason, I must choose her is because she is so adorable and tiny. I cannot with tiny girlies. I am so jealous. I was 5’10” in eighth grade. I’m always jealous of tiny girls.

I love these pretty little liars.

Written by Sofía Viagra

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