Fetty Wap is Heading to Jail…

WANTAGH, NY - AUGUST 18: Fetty Wap performs onstage during Day 1 of Billboard Hot 100 Festival 2018 at Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater on August 18, 2018 in Wantagh, New York. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Billboard)

New Jersey born rapper and former hip-hop sensation Fetty Wap was sentenced today for his federal drug trafficking charge, and the world is sad about it. I could speak for anyone that went to middle school from the years of 2015-17 that at one point or another, 1738 was their passcode. He was caught with over 500 (FIVE HUNDRED) grams of blow with intent to sell. That’s only a pound of snow, but like, that’s a lot. Like, A LOT.

The One Eyed Wonder has a way with words…

He was caught mainly based off the fact that he was part of a Long Island based drug gang, and as someone who goes to school in possibly the worst part of Long Island… we have those? Unknown to me but like, sounds serious. He plead guilty during his case which will land him five years in jail in comparison to god know’s what they were gonna give him if he tried to plead his case. He was originally arrested due to these conspiracies last October, right before he was set to perform at Rolling Loud at Citi Field, in Queens.

Back in the day, this dude dropped fucking BANGERS. Songs like “Trap Queen,” “679,” and “Jimmy Choo” were being played everywhere. Anywhere from the top clubs in the world to your friend’s Bar Mitzvahs, the entire WORLD was getting lit to this stuff. Per TMZ, he’ll serve anywhere from 87-108 months in prison, but nothing less than the five year minimum set for him. He also has another case pending for making death threats over a FaceTime call (Kinda soft but ok). Per his line in “Trap Queen,” “at 56 a gram, 5 a hundred grams though.” That’s what he was caught with, so at least he lives what he raps about. Poor guy was in love with the money, and now he has to let go.

Information for this article was provided by TMZ.

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