Fight Video Friday: Dude Gets SLEPT in Front of His Girl…

This week on Fight Video Friday, we’ve got a classic instance of every guy’s worst nightmare. It’s emasculating enough to get knocked out in a street brawl, but to get slept in front of your girl? Brutal. While I feel somewhat bad for the dude who ended up on his ass in this video, the KO is still pretty hype. Let’s take a look:

Just like almost every fight video to ever exist, we have absolutely no context as to what the hell is going on in this clip. It looks like one of the guys gets out of his car at the beginning of the video, so maybe this scrap was a result of a road rage incident, but who knows? What we do know is that the dude who got slept had already lost as soon as he took his shirt off. This might work as an intimidation tactic if you’re built like Francis Ngannou, but it’s pretty obvious that this guy wasn’t some athletic specimen. It’s hard to look tough when everything on your body jiggles like your mother’s homemade Jell-O. 

This fight reminds me very much of Aldo-McGregor 2. The guy in jeans charges forward and launches a wild right cross, only to be met with a straight right to the chin, ultimately resulting in him lying on the ground barely hanging on to consciousness. I was hoping for some solid back and forth, but this knockout is truly all-time. The only thing that may be better than the knockout is the reactions. As the guy lies immobile on the gravel road, his girlfriend tries to step in and help but it’s far too late at that point. The crowd is going wild chirping the bum on the ground – as they should – with the one white guy for miles leading the chants. “Oh my God” is right my friend, because, with that level of knockout, this video has earned an 8.6/10 and will likely be one that I revisit often.

Written by the godfather

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