Fight Video Friday: WWE Hip Toss Ends Hallway Scuffle Quick…

This week on Fight Video Friday, we have yet another classic high school altercation but with a little more flare than usual. I’ve always been a big UFC guy, however, I can still appreciate the eccentricity of the WWE. The issue I’ve always had with the WWE is that it’s scripted – so when we get to see some “Stone Cold” Steve Austin moves in a real fight, I can barely contain my excitement. Let’s take a look at a hip toss that would likely even end the career of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:

I’ve honestly never seen such clean technique during a high school hallway fight in my entire life. This kid wastes absolutely no time tying up his opponent and immediately switching over to a nasty hip toss that had to have shattered a couple of ribs. My only criticism of this fight is that there was barely any build-up to the hip toss, but beggars can’t be choosers.

This beatdown is incredibly emasculating for the guy in the red hoodie. I’m pretty sure that the hip toss master even laughs at him once the teacher comes in to break the scuffle up. I don’t even really consider this a fight more than it is a self-defense demonstration. Half of the video is just the kid in the red hoodie being pinned to the ground as he tries pathetically to land some punches. If I was his parent, I’d be more upset with how bad of an ass-beating he just endured than the fact that he got into a fight at school.

I’m a big fan of the victor of this fight and genuinely believe he has a serious chance of being the next great WWE champion. While there wasn’t a clean knockout, I’m in complete awe of how outstanding his hip toss was. For beautiful technique and thunderous power, I’m going to give this video a 7.9/10. Hopefully, we get to see more from this stud and a lot less from the kid in the red hoodie.

Written by the godfather

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