Find Out The Real Reason Why The Fight Happened At The Padres Rockies Game

I was lucky enough to interview Kip Williams today. You might ask who the hell is Kip Williams well he is this guy right here.

You see that guy in the white shirt diving over seats to wrap up the Padres fan who knocked the fuck out of a man. That is called commitment; look at that form mid-air rear-naked chokehold. He should be in the UFC or something, and it’s not only me who thinks that. In the interview, Kip said that former NHLer Derek Armstrong was a couple of rows and told Kip that he had excellent form. If anybody knows good fighting form, it’s Derek Armstrong.

To make things even crazier Kip isn’t supposed to be walking he has a broken foot.

You see that right foot that is a walking boot. It was a great interview, and to find out why the fight started in the first place, you can watch the full interview here. A little teaser; it all started because of a little vaping.

Written by Mailman Dave

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