Five Creative First Date Spots

First dates are awkward. Thankfully, so am I. Here are five out of the box first date ideas that will help cure the inherent awkwardness. 

All You Can Eat Korean BBQ

There are very few traits I look for in a woman. She needs to be kind, pretty, and not into any of the plant-based diet bullcrap. That’s it. I don’t care about her religion, how much money she makes, or even if she finds me attractive. As long as she eats meat, she’s checking my boxes. That’s the beauty of all you can eat korean barbecue, you’ll know right off the bat if you two are compatible. I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t want to seem like a pig on a first date.” Why not? Be yourself. Don’t try to pretend you are something you aren’t. You are a man who likes meats. Lots of meats. Shouldn’t you be looking for a female companion who also likes lots of meats? Plus, KBBQ is fun. You get the entertainment value of cooking your own food, as well as the monetary value of eating more than the restaurant anticipated. You’re getting a good time, fairly priced beef, and will automatically know if this girl is right for you. That’s a triple win in my book.

Race Through IKEA

Everyone knows IKEA is just a massive maze of furniture that comes with extra parts. Take advantage of the long winding store layout and have yourself a good ol’ fashioned race. Girls love being competitive on first dates. Just like how all the movies set first dates at mini golf courses, you will create your own friendly competition of running through a furniture-themed obstacle course. The race starts as soon as you step on the escalator and ends when one person reaches the hot dog stand. To be a gentleman, give your girl a 10 second head start. Yet to raise the stakes of competition, the loser buys the winner Swedish meatballs. Just make sure to share the meatballs with her when you win.

Tour Open House Mansions

Who cares if you have no money? Just act like you do! Open houses are completely free to attend and you don’t even need a credit score. Plus, the fancy houses usually have some sort of refreshment platter, so you don’t even need to pay for lunch. Spend the day acting like snooty rich folk and play House Hunters. Critique what you dislike about the house and really make the real estate agent jump through hoops to please you. Don’t worry, you aren’t being mean, you’re just playing pretend.

Visit The Humane Society

If I know anything about girls (I don’t), it’s that they love dogs. Who doesn’t? Take a trip down to your local humane society and play with some pups for fun. It’s totally free and there technically isn’t a time limit. This is a great way to show the girl a good time, while also proving that you are good with animals. The only downside is that the dog will inevitably be sad once you go home. Just try not to think about that part though.

Picnic In The Park (On Mushrooms)

Having a little picnic in the park is a classic first date move. You can cuddle up on a cozy blanket, eat some tasty food, and just chat. Boy, doesn’t that sound lovely. You know what sounds even more lovely? Doing all of that while tripping sack! Pack a couple special peanut butter sandwiches in that picnic basket of yours and have yourself a day. Now instead of small talk, the two of you can look for shapes in the sky and hug trees as if they were people. You may be delusional, but isn’t that what new love is all about anyway?

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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