Five of the Most Dangerous Girls in College

There are many, many things that one has to be aware of when in college, and one of them is that there are some girls who are, as my title reads, dangerous. They’re the ones that can really fuck your day up. They’ll have you in the palm of your hands – right before they pick you up by the nuts and chuck you to the side. These five girls are not to be trifled with.

The One Who Repeatedly Cheats on Her Boyfriend and Tells Him About It

The biggest issue here isn’t that she’s cheating on her boyfriend, but that one day, that guy is going to be there (and holy shit is he going to hate you). That’s not even to say that you were the one to help her commit the adultery. But if you hang around this girl enough, he’s going to start making assumptions about the guy who’s guilty. And let’s face it, you don’t want that assumption to lead to you. On top of that, this girl’s already a proven nutjob, so it’s best to just stay away.

The String You Along

This should be pretty easy to understand: don’t get caught simping. The girl that gives you just enough interaction to keep you interested but never lets you in for real can be lethal. Right when you think you’re in and she’s going to finally give in to your valiant efforts, she’ll end up snubbing you big time. The reason she’s so dangerous is that she always leaves you just enough to keep you interested, but she has no intentions of ever giving in. You’ll keep giving her loads of attention (which every girl loves), and she’ll sit back and laugh while she watches your efforts.

The Aggressively into You

For whatever the reason may be, this girl wants it – and she doesn’t hesitate to let you know. She’s doesn’t leave you alone if you hang out, and her friends are constantly trying to set you up. Beware, though. If you end up drunk and lonely, you may consider calling her up. Don’t. Let me break down for you what will happen. You’ll spend one night with her, and then you’ll end up with her for months. Somehow when you give in once, you end up in a relationship you don’t even enjoy. To make matters even worse, though, she’ll have you totally and completely whipped – like don’t-take-a-shit-without-her-permission-type whipped.

The “One of the Guys”

The danger of this girl is completely un-sexual in nature. The issue comes from how chill she actually is. She’ll be around so much that it really does seem like she is the chilliest girl you’ve ever met, but right when you get comfortable is when you have to start worrying. Eventually, you’ll forget that even though she feels like one of the guys, she is most definitely not, and the way that you really rip into your closest friends doesn’t fly with her. You’ll end up calling her a cocksucker at the wrong time, and she’ll lose it on you completely. It’s not anything particularly wrong with her. You just have to make sure that you remember that even if it feels like it, she is not “one of the guys.”

The One from Tinder

Not all girls from Tinder are bad, but there is a large level of risk in meeting up with a girl from that app. I once spent forty minutes being told why Hereditary (one of my all time least favorite movies) was the greatest horror movies of all time on a Tinder date. I guess maybe it’s not dangerous as much as it can be really fucking painful to sit through a date with someone that probably has more STDs than brain cells.

That’s it. You can begin calling me an “incel” now.

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