Five Ways to Determine Your Fantasy Football Draft Order

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With only 44 days left until the start of the football season, fantasy leagues around the country are starting the preparations for draft night. Whether you’re in a league with your college buddies or just your family, the draft order is usually always a topic of controversy. So, here are five creative ways to determine your fantasy draft order in a fun-yet-equal manner. 

1. The Combine

One of the best parts about fantasy football is that it doesn’t involve any form of physical activity whatsoever. But, if you’re confident in your current state of physical health, you might be interested in the combine. Feel free to get creative with this one, but basically, the combine is just a series of physical activities, such as making a free throw or shotgunning a beer, and whoever finishes the fastest gets to choose their draft position first. Forewarning, many ACLs have fallen victim to the combine

2. Dave & Buster’s

Although I haven’t been to Dave & Buster’s since I was a child, I think I’d actually enjoy it much more now. Trying to play skee ball while absolutely hammered sounds like quite the fun afternoon – which is why it’s the best place to hold a fantasy draft. To determine the draft order, have everyone in your league buy a twenty-dollar game card and whoever can accumulate the most tickets will get to choose their position first. Then, you can enjoy the next couple of hours of eating, boozing, and drafting. 

3. Shot for Shot

If you’re in a pinch, this is a great way to determine the draft order quickly. Each person in the league will start off the competition by taking a shot of liquor, continuing on until only one person is left standing. Typically, that person will be sauced for the entire draft, so I guess there’s not much to worry about even though he technically has an advantage. The only issue with this one is finding a designated driver, but you can always just call an Uber (or focus up and drive yourself like a real man). 

4. Go-Kart Racing

Who doesn’t love go-karts? Wherever you live, there will likely be a go-kart racing place relatively close to you. Sure, it might be intended for children, but there are no laws that prevent a group of twelve grown adults from racing tiny cars. As you could probably guess, the first-place finisher will get to choose their position first, the second-place finisher will choose second, and so on. Just try your best not to lose any fingers. 

5. The Hunger Games

If you’re in a big-money passionate fantasy league, The Hunger Games is a great way to determine your draft order. Similar to the movie, head to a local park with the rest of your league and drop an assortment of weapons and utilities in a central area. Once everyone is ready, it’s a fight to the death in the park until there is only one left standing. The victor not only gets to pick his draft position but will forever be cemented as one of the fantasy football greats. You might need to find some replacement members afterward, but if you were really confident in your fantasy abilities, you wouldn’t be worried about that. 

Hopefully, these methods can provide some enjoyment to your fantasy drafts in the coming weeks. I’ve got a Hunger Games draft I’ve got to prepare for in the meantime, but be on the lookout for more fantasy football content as we get closer to week one of the NFL season.

Written by the godfather

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