Five Ways to Set Yourself Apart at Rush

At a vast majority of schools, rushing a fraternity can get very competitive, especially if you’re trying to get a bid from a top house. Brothers will spend hours upon hours having the same conversation with hoards of freshmen when all they want to be doing is playing die – so you’ve got to set yourself apart somehow. Here are the five best ways to stand out from the crowd at rush:

Tip #1: Interrupt every possible conversation

During rush, you might see a brother having a one-on-one conversation with another kid. Your first instinct might be to just leave them alone, but that’s actually the opposite of what you should do. The best way to show that you’re assertive and dominant is to interrupt any and every conversation possible. Trust me – the brothers will absolutely love it when you save them from having to talk to some geed. Also, when you interrupt the conversation, make sure to act like the kid talking to the brother doesn’t even exist. Once you acknowledge other PNMs during rush, you lose any edge you might’ve possibly had. 

Tip #2: Bring up extremely personal topics

A lot of rush conversations will be very superficial. You’ll never again repeat your hometown as many times as you do during rush – so my advice is to just skip all that. When you introduce yourself to a brother, immediately start talking about your struggles with depression because of that one ex-girlfriend or how your dad is a raging alcoholic and ruined your childhood. This way, when the brothers review after rush each night, they’ll remember exactly who you are. 

Tip #3: Ask brothers for nicotine

If I know one thing about all frat guys, it’s that they adore their flavored nicotine. A vast majority of the brothers at rush will surely be strapped with a nice Breeze, so if you feel inclined, ask if you could borrow their vape. By doing so, you kill two birds with one stone. Not only will all the brothers know that you are super nelk, but they will also appreciate how comfortable you are with them. Bonus points for doing a cool trick or blowing a fat cloud right in their face. 

Tip #4: Lie about everything

Once you get to college, you might realize that you don’t have any unique qualities about yourself to share at rush. If that’s the case, just come up with lies about the previous eighteen years of your life. My favorite is telling people that you were committed to play a division one sport and then blew your knee out senior year. How are they gonna know if it’s real or not? Just make sure to put your Hudl on private. Another great lie is telling everyone you’re a legacy. Some fraternities prioritize legacies during rush, so this would be an awesome way to increase your chances of getting a bid. 

Tip #5: Be super complimentary of the brothers

A lot of kids at rush might make up some garbage about how the brothers of Ligma Chi are just “different” – but everyone sees right through that. Instead, you need to compliment every brother you talk to like you’re trying to convince him to go on a date with you. If one of the brothers has nice arms, tell him how you’d love to be held by those giant biceps. Maybe one of the brothers has great hair, make sure to mention it continuously and don’t take your eyes off of it. Another great compliment is just, “Wow, you are a sexy man”. Works like a charm. 

If you follow all these tips, you’ll be an auto-bid at any house you want. Don’t overdo it, but this should provide you with a loose guide on how to stand out at rush this fall. Good luck, my friends.

Written by the godfather

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