Florida Gators Release All Black Uniforms For The Troops

The Florida Gators are set to showcase their all-black uniforms during their November game against Arkansas, dedicated to honoring the troops.

These uniforms debuted on social media for the “Saluting Those Who Serve” game, featuring black jerseys and pants with matching helmets. The team’s decision to wear these special uniforms is in recognition of the military and first responders. Each player’s jersey will bear a nameplate displaying one of five significant values associated with those who serve: Commitment, Courage, Excellence, Honor, and Integrity.

Even if these jerseys didn’t have significant meaning, they still would be absolutely electric. This is why collegiate sports are so much better because they just throw out random uniforms every other week and its the best. Prime Oregon was so special in the way that you never knew what color they’d be wearing that week. Good Job Florida!

Written by TFM Stelly

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