Florida Man Rules His Domain, Creates New Coded Language?

We have all been down, down bad, and hit that slump buster that we don’t really want to talk about (ever again). She/He may not leave. They are certainly a problem that needs remedied. And, they also need a codeword to tell our friends about. Now, what on Earth does that have to do with the headline, you may be asking? Well… maybe nothing… but maybe everything.

Abdul Gene Malik posted a video online of him catching a gator in a trashcan… while wearing his slides. There is so much to unpack there that the headline just summed it up better. First, check it out:
By any means necessary? Fuck yes.

Malik is an Army vet, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, and he demonstrated his bravery as he approached the beast head-on with the trash can as it gave all of its warnings that it had no intention of going easily.

Then, this dude made his move with the rush and stuff in the garbage … he also flipped the lid to make sure that gator wasn’t coming back in.

Now… what does all of this have to do with how I introduced the story? Well, I propose that we start using “Gator in the Garbage” as new terminology for those slump busters that simply won’t leave.

Hear me out:

You don’t want them there.
You also know you need to approach the situation carefully.
There will be unpleasant noise.
There will need to be some level of stealth to evict this beast from your apartment.
And, honestly, you are a little afraid of what may happen next.

To this Florida Man, Army Vet, Inspiration to All Man… I appreciate you. I, for one, will start to seed my friend group with “Gator in the Garbage” to see if it sticks.

Photo by Kyaw Tun on Unsplash

Written by Malcolm Henry

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