Foreign Slang America Should Adopt

After speaking English my entire life, I have picked up a large number of words to express my thoughts, emotions, and desires at any given time. With that being said, a lot of other countries have some cool words that are cover ground that is missed in the American vernacular. Here are a list of fun words that Americans need to add to their to their everyday life so we can catch up to the cool things people are saying in other countries. 


The British really got something with this one. In one word, you identify someone as a masturbator, and then belittle them for it. British people use this word for everything. If their friend is annoying them? “Piss off wanker.” If they see a misbehaved child in the street? “Scram wanker.” Chicks love British dudes because of their accent. I think they’re great for words such as wanker.


I’m starting to think we would’ve been better off losing the Revolutionary War. I don’t remember most of the details of the war, but their vocabulary makes me so jealous. Apparently, bloke is just a slang word for a man. But after hearing Billy Butcher call everyone and their mother this word in The Boys, I officially bought in on this word. It feels so dismissive. Also consider the phrase, “Oi, bloke.” Oi bloke does for the British what the word bitch does for America. “Oi bloke” feels like it can be said in any context, and the people around would know what you’re talking about. 


This is apparently something Australian’s say when they think something is excellent. This might get a bonus because I’m exclusively reading this in an Australian accent, but I still think this is a word we could start using. I think going to the bar and saying, “These wings are ace.” Sounds like a great way of describing something great. Also, imagine adding mate to the end of it as an added bonus. Something good happens to your favorite sports team? That’s ace mate.


Canada sucks, but I’ll give them this one. Adding, “eh” at the end of every sentence is nothing short of incredible. Canadians use this word more than college kids use Doordash when their parents forget to remove their credit card from their account. “Eh” is a little simple, but it’s use in Canada as the seasoning to flavor every sentence that would’ve otherwise been boring is phenomenal. I’m going to start using this word just to annoy people who don’t understand how powerful this could be to our daily vocabulary. 


Also known as, “the c word” this one is a little niche in America. England uses this more than we use the “f word.” Meanwhile my mom claims I’m, “disrespectful to women” when I say it. Get cultured, mom.

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