Former Bachelor Dime Kisses Colts’ Running Back After Loss

The return of the NFL marks so many things. Betting season is officially back. Derrick Henry is planting guys into the ground with stiff arms again. And beautiful women are arriving in stadiums a dozen at a time to cheer on their significant others. No one did this better in week one than former Bachelor star, Hannah Ann Sluss. 

Hannah Ann Sluss at the Colts season opener.

Sluss dates Jake Funk, who is a backup running back for the Colts. After a tough loss to the Jaguars yesterday, Funk was able to go to the stands for a reminder that his life isn’t so bad. When kids dream about playing in the NFL, half of the reason is to find a ridiculously attractive wife to spend their lives with. Winning games completes the fantasy, but Funk is already half way to NFL success. 

Sluss and Funk have been dating since 2021, when he was in his rookie year, and are now engaged. Sluss has been sharing their journey from dating to getting engaged and buying a home on TikTok, where she recently explained how hectic their lifestyle. In a recent video, she talked about how difficult it is to know they might have to move any given week. Fortunately, she seems ok with the inevitable lifestyle of being with a white running back not named Christian McCaffrey. 

These two seem to be a great pair for each other. In his third year in the league, Funk is already on his third team. In addition to that, Sluss was previously engaged from her time on The Bachelor. These are a pair of veterans who seem perfectly matched for each other. 

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