Former Heisman Trophy Winner Hides His Son from the World

Herschel Walker is running for office. Yes, the same Herschel Walker who used to freight train his way into the endzone back in the 80’s as a running back for the Georgia Bulldogs. That man wants to work for the government.

Walker, who is running as a republican candidate to be the next Georgia senator, has immensely spoken out against the high number of fatherless children in the state, even stating that he himself is “like a father to some of those kids that had never had fathers.”

While looking after children that aren’t your own is certainly a commendable effort, there seems to be a glaring issue in Walker’s case: he himself has an estranged son. Despite sending annual birthday and Christmas presents, Walker has not played an active role in parenting his child who lives over 1,500 miles away. 

This is not the only scandal Walker’s campaign has gotten him tied up in. Just this week, Walker claimed to be a former police officer for Georgia’s Cobb County Police Department, also insinuating he was previously an FBI agent. When asked about the claims, a county district attorney said he was “like a junior ranger badge.” As far as being an FBI agent, the minimum requirement to do so is to graduate college, which Walker never did.

As far as his campaign goes, it’s hard to say how this will affect Walker’s chances of getting elected, especially considering that his opponent, Democrat Raphael Warnock, is having public custody issues of his own. It’s unclear Walker’s motives in these two scandals, but for a guy who’s known for putting his head down and running full speed into people, he can probably blame both on his CTE.

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Written by Alex Becker

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