Former NFL Star Refuses To Eat Food

You guys remember Russel Okung? He was the massive 330lb offensive lineman from when the Seahawks won their Legion of Boom Super Bowl. Then he played for the Broncos for a season before eventually going to the Chargers and Panthers. Everyone knows the guy I’m talking about, right? Good. Well, guess what? That dude no longer eats.

Yes, that’s right he doesn’t eat anymore. I swear I’m not exaggerating, this guy has lost over 100lbs since retiring back in 2020 by purely not allowing himself to eat. Now, he is now on the quest for more.

Here is a photo of Okung’s transformation.

(Taken from @RussellOkung on Twitter)

Absolutely wild. This is probably the biggest weight transformation I’ve seen since Jokic after COVID or Eddie Lacy before the 2017 season.

I bet you are all wondering how he did this. The answer is simple: fasting. Not just like Ramadan or Yom Kippur fasting where you technically just eat when the sun is down. Okung fully starved himself with nothing but water for 40 days. I’m pretty sure the girls in Yellowjackets don’t even make it two weeks before they start eating each other. The craziest part? Okung, still down the weight, is doing it again! 

Okung says that his fasting is not just related to weight, but spirituality as well. He says, in a video he posted to Twitter, that football made him lose sight of himself, his family, and his goals in life. He turned to prayer to find the answer, which ultimately led to him cutting food out of his daily life. Since his first fast, Okung said that a door has opened “to a healthier, happier me.”

The two-time Pro Bowl and Super Bowl champion has begun the second installment of his 40 day fast today and has been documenting it on social media. He urges others to try and do the same as it has given him a better appreciation for life.

Obviously, no one is going to see this and just begin fasting for 40 days. Odds are you die, I think. Okung is clearly some special breed of human. Aside from being a superhuman athlete and then cutting all that weight, he clearly possesses something most people don’t. I for one would need at least double the amount of DMT he smoked before I even considered fasting for a week.

Nevertheless, I’m rooting for you, Russell. May you find whatever you are looking for at the pit of your stomach. 

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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