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Four Fun Games to Play in Airports

The airport is boring… YUCK. Luckily for you, there’s a lot of fun games and activities that can help you pass the time going through check-in, security lines, or just while waiting in your terminal to board your flight.

Drop the Backpack

Airport security does this weird thing. If you go and drop a backpack in the middle of a terminal, they will chase you down like crazy people the second you try and run away from it. So to play this one, get a group of friends together and put each other on the clock. The timer starts when the backpack is dropped and ends when you’re tackled by security. Whichever of you evades the armed guards chasing you for the longest amount of time wins “Drop the Backpack.”

The Bomb Game

You guys all remember middle school, right? We’d all sit at the lunch table and play The Penis Game, each of us hoping to be the one with the balls to scream it the loudest. This Bomb Game is a lot like that, but with much higher stakes. You see, where The Penis Game could result in detention or a trip to the principal’s office, this one could result in Federal Prison! Whoever can scream “Bomb” the loudest in the airport without getting caught is the winner, but if you get arrested, that makes you the big loser!

Sneak It Through TSA

There’s a really big list of things that are completely illegal to take through the TSA checks, so the first step of this game is getting yourself familiar with that list. After that, each player should select an item that they want to sneak through security. For each increasing degree of illegality, give bonus points to any player that successfully moves through the check without being detained, searched, or arrested. 

Pet the Drug Dog

Airport laws strictly prohibit the petting of the drug dogs that search for illegal narcotics in people’s luggage, but that’s what makes this game so fun! Start by packing your pockets with beef jerky (this will attract the dogs, allowing you to get close enough to pet them), and once you’re within reach, give that good ol’ boy a scratch behind the ears. Inevitably, you’ll be stopped from petting these dogs, but the winner of this game is whoever can get their drug dog to enjoy the petting most. I recommend looking for how much lipstick is showing in the dogs nether regions to determine the victor of each of these matches.

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