Four Games All Dudes Are Always Playing

Whether they realize it or not, all dudes are always playing these four games. If a group of guys are hanging out, at any point in time someone can blurt out any of these questions and the group is forced to respond. That’s just how it works. No explanation, no preamble necessary, just simple question and answer games that are universal among all people with schlongs. These games are how we communicate. They’re how we entertain ourselves. And they are how we learn which of our friends are normal and which are complete sociopaths.

What Are The Odds

All dudes are always playing “what are the odds.” There may be week or month long pauses in between turns, but the question is always on the table. If you are bored in public, say at a museum or in a waiting room, there seriously is no better way to pass the time. As guys, there is nothing better than watching your best friends embarrass themselves, and that is exactly what this game is about. The more inappropriate the setting, the better. Have you ever made your friend yell “penis muncher” at a funeral? It’s epic. What about having someone tell a flight attendant they’ve just soiled themselves? I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever experienced more joy than saying the same number as someone out of 100. It ruins their day, but makes mine so much sweeter.

Would You Rather

Everyone plays “would you rather,” even children, but no one plays it like dudes in their 20s. Think of the most disgustingly, heinous things you possibly can and then make your buddies choose between them. You learn a lot about a person playing this game. How their mind works, what they believe to be ethical and unethical, and which of them are sick, twisted freaks. I once had a friend say he would essentially commit genocide to have sex with Sydeny Sweeney, and I’m not gonna say we’re not friends anymore, but I definitely look at him a bit differently now. This game shows your true colors. Maybe more people should play before getting married. I think it could save a lot of people money on divorce lawyers.

The “How Much” Game

The “how much” game is simple, yet versatile. Essentially, this is just dudes asking dudes how much money it would take to do various acts. These things could range from moving to another country for 10 years, being a gay pornstar, killing a man, or even giving up dairy. Here’s the thing: everyone lies to save face. One of my college roommates said he wouldn’t have a sex with a dude for $10 million. Yeah, right. What poor financial literacy just to prove to a group of guys you are straight. Way to be confident in your own sexuality, prude.

The “How Many” Game

Not to be confused with the aforementioned “how much” game, the “how many” game is a test of intelligence. Basically, you ask a group of people to estimate how many of a certain thing there is and then you all guess before googling the answer to see who was closest. It works best with obscure objects and really gives you a whole new perspective on the world. Plus, you get to learn some neat stuff! For example, from just playing this game alone I have learned that there are only 25 blimps in the entire world. You know how many camels there are? 35 million. Think about that for a second and tell me you don’t now live in a new world knowing that information. If you aren’t constantly playing this game with your friends, you are genuinely becoming stupider as the days go on. Start to educate yourself and learn how to estimate, you won’t regret it.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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