Four Great New Drinking Games For The Summer

Water Relays:

This game needs to be played on a boat, dock, or around a big pool. There can be as many teams of two as you want. The only thing you must have is an unbiased person not participating in the game. Before the game starts, the impartial judge throws a beer for each team into a body of water. One person on each team will be the swimmer who must retrieve the beer; the other person is the drinker who must drink the beer while staying stationary at his or her spot—the first team to finish the beer wins. The game starts off with the swimmers spinning around in circles until the unbiased person has thrown all the beers into the body of water. Once the unbiased person counts down to three, contestants should do their best to retrieve a beer that strategically gives them the easiest route to their partner. This game is entertaining to play on a docked boat with girls being the people trying to drink lukewarm beers faster than one another. 


Django N-Word Game: 

The no-no word game in a movie that says the word that I can’t say, but Lil Wayne can say, and most likely you can’t say, but one of your friends can say. If you’re feeling lazy and have a few friends and a twenty-four-pack, chug for every time they say the word in that movie, and not only will you have a fun night, but you also watch a kick-ass movie while playing.

The Amy Schumer Gyno Game: 

In 2017, Amy Schumer released her Leather Special in which she’s wearing leather, and half the jokes are self-deprecating jokes about her vagina. Pretty simple. Drink every time there’s a reference to her vagina. 

The Game Of Life But It’s Your Friend’s Life: 

I did this once, and it’s a process. This is a great game for a bachelorette or bachelor party, but it requires some artistic ability. Basically, you take the rules from the game of life and apply it to whoever your celebrating. For instance, if a player roles a three at the beginning of the game, it might land on a square that says something along the lines of Becca meets Sarah in first gradetake one shot with Sarah. Or, towards the college years of the person’s life, Becca got back with her ex Junior year of college, allow the player on your right to text an ex of your choosing. Or, Becca meets Sam and settles down, no drinking for two more turns. Or, Becca got really into rave culture, this player must play EDM for two turns and eat what’s in the baggie on the dresser. This is a VERY fun game to play, but creating the board and thinking up a lifetime’s worth of memories is a bitch to do. 

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