Four of The Best People to Be Friends With

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1. A Distractor

As much as this person will singlehandedly be responsible for you being awake until three in the morning doing homework that you should and could have started at 8pm, he’s going to be one of the most important people in keeping your sanity. Everybody needs someone that is always down to spend two or three hours doing nothing except fucking around. These guys will always put their schoolwork second to having a good time, and while it may not be in their best interest, you can always benefit from someone who’s able to distract you from all the bullshit that comes with college.

2. The Guy Who Never Cooks

Most people cannot afford to go out to eat for every single meal in college, and because of that, the majority of us learn that making hotdogs, pasta, and quesadillas is a great and cheap way to survive throughout the week. Some days, though, you just need to treat yourself to a meal that you don’t have to cook. It doesn’t matter if it’s McDonald’s, Chipotle, or Chinese, knowing a guy who never cooks is awesome because he is always going to be ready to go out and get food with you. 

3. The Anytime Drinker

The majority of college students contain their drinking to Thursday-Saturday nights (with a few Wednesdays thrown in here and there), but there will be occasions when it’s necessary to celebrate something on a Monday, and that’s when it’s great to have someone that is down to head to a bar at 5pm when he’s got class at 9am the next morning. It’s not a lifestyle you particularly desire, but he’s one of the most fun people you can hang out with.

4. The Academic

As much as it sucks to admit, there are going to be significantly more times throughout your college career than you would like in which you have to spend a few hours in the library cranking out work. That’s when it really pays off to have a friend who is fully dedicated to his academics. He’s going to be studying every weeknight, so when you eventually decide that it’s time to lock it down and get shit done, he’ll be there to keep you in line.

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