Four Women Start Nasty Brawl In Vegas Casino

A lot of crazy stuff happens in Las Vegas, but this is one of the wilder things I’ve ever seen.

Sin City is known for vices. Gambling, drinking, drugs, prostitution — you name it, Vegas gots it. However, this all female foursome that took place yesterday is not what you would imagine.

In a video posted by Daily Mail that has since gone viral, four women at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas can be seen in a massive brawl that caught the attention of a crowd of spectators. While it is still unclear why the fight unfolded, it must’ve been something pretty serious based on the anger levels these women brought to the bout.

That was just a shortened version of the fight. If you want to see the entire thing (well, not entire but definitely an extended cut) click here.

The Breakdown: Fight Analysis

Let’s talk about the obvious first. How the hell did that woman’s shorts ride so far up her body? It’s almost like the other girl did that on purpose. Good move, I think I may steal that one.

Also, I’m dying to know how the motorized scooter became involved. The fight begins on the floor, yet once the video cuts and returns the women can be seen tackling each other off a scooter for the handicapped. That’s some WWE type stuff right there.

It’s hard to say if any of the women won the fight. In my mind that guy in blue that broke the fight up and blocked a sandal-slap is the real hero. By the looks of it, he had no real horse in the race and was purely breaking the fight up for everyone’s safety. Though I personally would’ve paid good money for the fight to go on, you gotta respect the dude for putting his body on the line. What a stand up gentleman.

I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say none of these women were staying at the Encore. As one of the nicest hotels in Vegas, the Encore houses big time gamblers, fancy pants couples on vacation, and finance bros bachelor parties. These women don’t seem to fit any of those categories. Instead, I think they are all better suited for Fremont Street. Or the Clark County Detention Center, either works.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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