Fournette Car Explosion Was His Own Fault

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Remember a couple of weeks ago when Leonard Fournette’s car exploded and everyone was like “OMG that’s such a scary accident, I’m so glad you are okay!” Well, turns out it was his own fault.

If you are completely lost, basically two weeks ago, former Buccaneers running back Leonard Fournette posted on Instagram that his car’s engine erupted into flames while he was driving. He took the chance to thank God for saving him and played the entire thing off as a freak accident.


While everyone believed him at first (why wouldn’t we?), it turns out that he may have actually been responsible for the fire. According to TMZ, a witness who was on the I-275 highway at the time of the explosion on June 27, told police that Fournette was traveling extremely fast prior to the fire and that he may have been in the midst of a drag race.

In the official police report, the witness had said he “observed the vehicle and [a] motorcycle to be racing and changing lanes.” The witness went on to state that the vehicles were “racing when fire then erupted from the bottom of” Fournette’s car.

It isn’t clear what speed Fournette was traveling, but the witness says the running back passed him “at a high rate of speed.”

Fournette’s story to the cops following the incident was very different. In the report, Fournette said at the scene that he “has ​​been having problems with the vehicle as of late.” Well, yeah that happens if you race strangers in Florida whenever you get the chance.

Despite the witness’ whistle-blowing, the police department is said to be closing its investigation of the incident. Basically, Fournette won’t get in any trouble. Classic.

Honestly, does this surprise anyone? I know I’m not. What are the odds an engine just explodes out of nowhere? Now what are the odds that happens to a once-star athlete known for being fast? Close to zero, clearly.

As someone who lives in Florida, I get it. Drag racing is one of our pastimes here. Everyone on the highway wants to be the top dog and go 120MPH, but that doesn’t excuse his actions. I don’t get why multi-million dollar athletes put their lives and character in jeopardy so often. Just because you are good at football doesn’t mean you are invincible. Although, I guess in this case technically the cops did let him off the hook. But that’s just because it’s Florida.

All I’m saying is that athletes and celebrities need to realize they are real people whose actions have real consequences. If they don’t wake up soon we’re gonna have another Henry Ruggs situation very soon.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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